The Truth Behind My Yoga Workouts

How I really feel about my yoga practice


So what is the truth behind my yoga workouts?  Recently, I jumped back onto the yoga train! I have been very excited about it and probably talking about it way too much at home. (I can feel Dan, my husband, rolling his eyes. Haha!).
I took prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with both children and loved it. I met some nice people, exercised, had time to myself, and just felt better!
After I had my first baby, I tried Bikram yoga and remember liking it and hating it at the same time. I was getting a little more into it.  Then Hurricane Sandy hit and we had to relocate for a bit. I kind of fell off of exercising for a while. It has been over five years, and I jumped back in three months ago.


The Bikram class, I have been going to, has a lot of ‘regulars’ in the class which intimidates me a bit.  Everyone is very friendly, but they all know each other and are in amazing yoga shape! Then there is me.  I know I should not let it bother me, but I feel like that kid in the schoolyard that no one knows.
Everyone is obviously sweating because it is about 103 degrees, but I am sweating also because I am concentrating so hard to just get into a pose ‘kind of’ correctly. Every class I feel like I am just not good at it. I try to relax and realize that everyone is at a different level and improving at their own rate. I put so much pressure on myself to be better in the poses. I even find myself studying technique on Pinterest!  I just want to get better!!

I also take an open flow yoga class (not heated). I feel like I am improving each time I go to class. I like the meditation and the variation of poses in each class. I never know what the focus of the class will be which keeps my attention.  I can see an improvement in the poses and feel very relaxed when leaving.

I know I am not the greatest yogi by any means, but it does not bother me in the open flow class for some reason. I feel at peace after each class and look forward to the next.

Why Bother?

So why even go back to the Bikram class if I just made it sound like I hate it… There is something about it. My body craves it! I feel fantastic the rest of the day and know that I have released so many toxins both physically and emotionally. Hate and love all at the same time!!
I guess I need to keep practicing until I gain more confidence in the classes to really be in the moment. I have to try to let go and relax. (Easier said than done!)

Wish me luck!  Namaste!


Ok.  I have made a change and it is working!!  Now in the Bikram classes, I always go in the front row. I am right in front of the mirrors and able to see myself the entire time.  I used to stay in the back row and feel clumsy trying toget a peak inthe mirror to check my poses.

Moving to the front row scared me at first, but it actually makes me much more confident and calmer throughout the class. I am able to make quick changes and really zone in on my own body. I feel like I am the only one in the room! I feel SO much better!

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