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We love fruit in this house!  The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli is a perfect book for some laughs and learning!  My boys always laugh hystericaly when the page, ‘BUUURRRRRRRP’ comes!  Below you will find three Watermelon Seed activities followed by extension ideas.


Imagination Activity

The crocodile gets nervous that he will start growing a watermelon in his belly after swallowing a watermelon seed.  This can be really fun to talk about with the kids!  We laughed about what would happen if the watermelon really did start growing!

The kids started walking around pretending they felt the watermelon growing


  • paper
  • crayons

Use your imagination to create a Watermelon Crocodile.  Use details to show the ideas that the crocodile was worried about in the story. 

We looked back in the story to find the parts that were discussed.  The crocodile talks about his belly stretching, his skin changing color, the vines growing, being in a fruit salad…


Become the Author Activity

I love when authors have a page with absolutely no words.  I use this as an opportunity to have the children write their own words for that page.  The last page of Greg Pizzoli’s book does not have words.  The kids actually said what they thought the crocodile would say without even thinking.

Let’s look at the last page again.  This is a big part of the story!  Why do you think the author left the page without words?  What was the author’s purpose?

If you were the author, what words would you put on this page?  Write the end of the story with me.  Remember this is an important page because it is what your reader leaves the book with. 

Record the responses.  Try reading the book with the various ending words.  The kids were SO excited to hear their words in the story.

What did you like better, no words or the words we came up with?  Do you think it changes the story a lot by putting words instead of the author’s empty page?


  • Oh no!  I did it again!
  • Uh oh!  Wait a minute!  I swallowed a seed!
  • I swallowed a seed down to my foot!  There are seeds in my throat!
  • I couldn’t control myself!!!!



Watermelon Seed Math Activity

I always have a bunch of felt pieces in our art closet for easy crafts.  This is a quick and simple activity that PUSHES their math brains!


Cut green and red pieces in the shape of a watermelon.

Cut small black squares to be the seeds.

My children are 5 and 3 years old, so I created questions at various levels.  This would be true for classrooms as well.

Questions for Creating Watermelons

  • Put three more seeds.  How many do you have now?
  • less than 5 seeds
  • more than the seeds on my watermelon
  • two more seeds that my watermelon
  • less seeds than my watermelon
  • equal to my seeds
  • 7 seeds
  • If you put two more see on yours would you have more or less seeds than my watermelon?

Show one question at a time watching their methods and questioning their process.  They can share their watermelon piece with each other to ensure understanding.

The kids loved being able to create their own watermelons with the felt.  Robbie (3) often put his seeds on fast and was very sure that he was ‘done.’  We worked on double checking and taking your time to think about the question.

After we went through the questions I had prepared, they each came up with their own math questions for us to solve with our seeds.


Extension Ideas

  • Enjoy real watermelon together taking note of how many seeds are in each slice.
  • Make watermelon popsicles together
  • How does a watermelon grow?
  • Write a story but change the watermelon seed to a pumpkin seed.





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