5 New Ideas for a Summer Bucket List with Kids

summer bucket list for kids


I absolutely love the Summer!  There are so many wonderful things to do outside!  This year is different because my boys are used to going to school a few days a week.  We are transitioning into being home together more.  I want to have a lot of ideas ready to go to make sure we make the most of our time together!  The Summer Bucket List includes activities for fun in the sun but also has some ideas for indoor fun if it is too hot or stormy!


Beach Breakfast-

The beach is a great morning place!  It is not as hot and is less crowded in the morning hours.  Grab a blanket and some bagels, muffins, fruit and juice to have a quick no mess breakfast picnic.  You could be home by naptime and still have had some great beach time together!  Photos come out great in the morning sun too!


Water Balloon Catch-

Fill up a bunch of water balloons!!  We have had some fun with water balloons before, but everyone throws them at once and it is over.  This time we are going to have a catch with the balloons.  One balloon at a time until they break!  Get ready to get wet and laugh a lot!



Grab a fishing pole and head to a lake or beach.  Try to catch some lunch!  Learning about putting the bait on the pole and casting the rod is fun enough even if you do not have too much luck with your catch!


Popsicle Creations-

Let the kids choose the ingredients!  Take a few bowls and put cut up fruits, yogurt, juices, mini dark chocolate chips, water or any other ingredients you would like.  The kids can create their own popsicles!  Let them get messy!  This is an affordable and healthy treat!  It is so much fun to see how the popsicle creations turn out.


Family Movie Night-

Choose a movie a week to watch together.  Create a snack to go along with the theme of the movie.  A fun way to incorporate reading into a movie night is to watch a movie that is made from a book.  Some ideas are The BFG, Peter Pan, Stuart Little, and Cinderella.

Enjoy your summertime fun!


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