Under The Sea Books With Fun Activities

under the sea books and crafts


Living near the beach definitely heightens our curiosity of under the sea life!  We love spending our days on the beach collecting shells, watching boats go by, swimming, and searching for dolphins and occasionally a whale or seal!  I found a bunch of books that would work great to go along with our week long adventures with Under the Sea.  Here is a look at what we did for our Under the Sea Books and Fun Activities!

Books that Accompanied Our Activities

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Octopus Paper Plates

I always have paper plates, Cheerios, and string in the house, so I did not have to buy anything for this project which is a WIN!

  • Cut the plates in half.  Color one side of the plate in the color of your choice.  Draw eyes.
  • Poke 8 holes on the bottom of the plate in a row.
  • Give eight pieces of string to the children.  They are to string Cheerios on each string (leg)  in number order.  (1 on one string, 2 on the next string, 3 on the next etc.)
  • Tie each string, in order, on the paper plate octopus.
  • The children can write the numbers 1-8 above each leg (string) on the octopus.


Under the Sea Books and Fun ActivtiesUnder the Sea Books and Fun Activities


Shell Imprints

We have collected a lot of shells throughout our summers!  I put them in vases and jars around the house.  We went around and took a few of our favorites out to use with this project.

  • Choose shells of different sizes to make it more interesting.
  • Roll the play dough out.
  • Place a shell onto the play dough lightly and remove.  This will leave a really neat imprint.
  • Make a bunch of imprints and try to identify which shells you used for each imprint.
  • **Try this a different way by rolling play dough on the top of shells and removing.  This will leave a nice design imprint of the top half of the shell!


Coffee Filter Crabs

Talk about quick and easy!

  • Color a coffee filter orange, red, or color of your choice.
  • Add google eyes.
  • Cut and paste six thin legs and two legs with claws on to the crab.
  • DONE!


Under the Sea Books and Fun Activities


Foil Fish

Who doesn’t have foil in the house???  This was very easy to do!

  • Draw a fish on foil and cut.
  • Color and add play dough to create designs on each fish.
  • Make fish of all different sizes and colors to create a school of fish.


Sponge Painted Fish

Paint, a sponge, scissors, and paper!  That is it!

  • Draw a fish onto a sponge and cut.
  • Put a few paint colors onto a paper plate or newspaper for easy disposal.
  • Dip the sponge fish in to a few colors and press on to paper.
  • Beautiful sponge fish will appear!
  • **As you can see I use holiday table cloths for easy cleanup!  You can get them for a great deal after the holiday passes!  Collect a bunch!


Under the Sea Books withn Fun ActivitiesUnder the Sea Books and Fun Activities







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