Quick and Easy Mask to Tighten Skin and Pores





Mom time is very important, but it is always limited so I have to choose wisely.  I love going to spas…  They are too expensive to go to all the time, and it is a commitment to actually get there for an appointment!  I love watching DIY face mask/makeup videos to get an idea of how difficult it would be to ACTUALLY do it myself.  I was looking for a mask that would shrink my pores and tighten my skin.  Basically I want miracles!  Ha Ha!

I tried Farah Dhukai’s DIY Bubble Foam Mask.  She has GREAT videos on Instagram that I always want to try!  This mask stood out to me because of its benefits, (shrink/tighten pores and skin) and the ingredients were already in my house!  I always have eggs and sugar!  BAM!  All you have to do is take egg whites with a tablespoon of sugar and mix until it looks like a foamy thick white cloud!

It was very easy to do with an electric mixer.  I found when I just used a whisk by hand it was not getting thick enough.  Maybe I am just weak!!!  The electric mixer was super easy!  Make sure to use a ceramic or metal bowl to get that foamy mixture.

As I put the mask on, I could feel tingling and cooling right away.  It really felt great!  I made sure to put the mask down my neck too because I am obsessed with neck wrinkles…  My kids were hysterical laughing because I went on washing the dishes with this white foamy mask all over me.  You have to get stuff done right!?

I left the mask on for fifteen minutes because it felt so good!  I hopped in the shower to take the mask off.  As it came off my skin appeared tighter, my pores looked smaller, and my face felt so smooth.  Honestly, I felt great!  I will 100% make this mask again!  It is easy, quick, cheap, and feels great!  Check out Farah Dhukai’s Instagram account for all of the details on why this mask works!

       DIY Bubble Foam Mask

  • egg
  • tablespoon of sugar
  • ceramic/metal bowl
  • mixer (optional)

Mix egg white and sugar until foamy and thick mixture.

Put mixture all over face and neck.

Leave 10-15 minutes.

Rinse off.



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