5 Practical Things You Should Have in Your Bathroom for Kids

Kids bathroom

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Been There, Done That

I was one of those new moms that bought everything!!  If a commercial came on, a news report, an article, or a friend said I needed it then I HAD TO HAVE IT!  Just in case!  I always thought I might need it some day.  I ended up realizing that every item is not necessary and does not work for every mom and every child.

I am NOT a super organized person and quickly realized that my bathroom looked like a store!  It was ridiculous.  Sometimes less is more!  I needed to get rid of some things and only have what REALLY works for our family!


The Perfect Five for Us

These are items that are always in our bathroom.  I use them often and find them extremely helpful with my kids! Basically, I feel like I cannot live without them. I do still have some secret things that we definitely do not use a lot, but I have gotten much better with my crazy ideas!  Ok so here we go!


1.  Smarty Pants Kids Complete Multivitamin

My kids love these because they are gummy and delicious.  I love them because they are nonGMO and have all the nutrients needed.  We have tried a bunch of vitamins and definitely choose Smarty Pants!


2.  Babyganics Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are so much fun, but you need some serious bubbles to make these two boys happy!!  This brand actually has some serious bubbles when you take a bath.  It brings lots of laughs and fun!  I like the ingredient list and the scent!


3.  Tom’s Silly Strawberry Kids Toothpaste

We have tried many toothpastes!  This one is the only one that they will use.  They absolutely hated every other kind!!  I always have a backup in the cabinet of the Silly Strawberry!



4.  Braun Ear Thermometer

This particular thermometer is so quick and easy to use.  It is accurate as can be!  It is the one my pediatrician uses which makes me extra happy!  My kids do not scream when we use it as they do with other thermometers!  It is light and small enough to throw in my bag.  I am a bit of a nut about fevers, so I do carry it with me a lot!



5.  KidKraft Two Step Stool

We used to have a plastic flimsy stool in the bathroom and my kids (and visitors) kept tripping off of it.  It was too light and flipped if they stood on one side of it.   This step stool is sturdy and easy to stand on.  It is good with the two steps depending on how tall your kids are.  I also like how it looks a little nicer in the bathroom too!  They can reach the toilet and sink with it.


Aromatherapy Diffuser

This may seem silly, but we spend A LOT of time in the bathroom.  Between regular visits, to brushing teeth, showers, baths, washing faces…  It is a large part of our day when you think about it!!  I like to have a small diffuser going in their with different scents.  Not only does it smell great, but it brings a smile to my face when I smell something nice in there!  The kids really enjoy it too!



There you have it!  Our top 5 practical things that you will find in the bathroom!  I am sure there are others that I need, so let me know if you have a favorite for your kids as well!

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