Do Not Miss Maverick and Me, Children’s Book


 Thank you to the kidlitexchange for providing me with a copy of this book.  All opinions are my own.

A Must Read!

Maverick and Me by Katherine Schwarzenegger is a sweet story about adopting animals.  You will absolutely fall in love with the puppy Maverick from the first moment you meet him!  As we were reading, my boys kept saying, “She better adopt him!!!”  Scarlett is a character that shows persistence and determination when she meets Maverick!  It is great for readers to see the love that can be found in a shelter for animals and learn how to spread awareness of this with friends.

The illustrations are perfect and have little details in the background that we noticed after the second read.  Signs on the walls, expressions on the faces, and the details in each pet make the story come alive!

Childhood Memories

Maverick and Me is very relatable.  It brought back so many childhood memories for me.  I can remember when I turned six years old, my parents took my brother and I to North Shore Animal League to adopt a puppy.  My parents told us that we would look around and get to know that dogs a bit.  I can still feel that excitement!  My mom mentioned that we were only aloud to adopt a male dog.  Of course what happened…  my brother found the most perfect little blonde puppy.  I looked at my brother from across the room and saw him hugging her.  I saw the look in his eyes!  I knew this would be our dog, but how would we get my mom to agree??  She said absolutely not and we went outside to have a family talk.

Michael, my brother, kept saying, “We are keeping her.”  How could you say no to this 10 year old boy with tears in his eyes.  He promised to walk her, feed her, train her, and everything else he could possibly think of!

Let’s Do This

In the end, my parents decided we could adopt this cute little blonde female puppy!  We went back in and another family had the puppy in their arms.  We could not speak.  We just stared.  Finally, they put her back in the cage, and my mom ran over to scoop her up!  We all felt it.  We all knew it.  Blondie was our new family pet!

blondie, maverick and me

We had Blondie for 18 years.  She was our whole world.  She brought us together and made us smile on so many days.  She made our family complete in some strange way.  The day Blondie passed away was one of the hardest days of my life because she was my childhood.  A piece of my childhood was gone.

I would not change one thing about the decision to adopt a pet!  Having a dog was an amazing experience, and I hope to have a Blondie or a Maverick with my children some day also!

Check out Maverick and Me by Katherine Schwarzenegger!  You never know, you may find yourself adopting a pet very soon!



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