10 Things to Make Your Next Adult Getaway Great!

make your getaway great

My husband and I used to go on short getaways or vacations quite often before having children.  Now our time alone and away from the kids is very slim.  I always get overwhelmed and want to make sure we do a million things that I normally cannot do.  I think about it so much that sometimes I do not do much because I can’t decide and we are already back home!!  I came up with a list of ideas that have worked for our overnight getaways or even day dates.  This has helped me plan our time better!

1.  Room Service

This is such a treat!  I always felt bad ordering room service before kids.  I don’t really know why because a lot of times it is not too expensive.  Ordering a pot of coffee and some breakfast to the room while you sit in a cozy robe or you can jump in the shower  is amazing!!  No dirty pans, wiping down counters, no clean up!


2.  Morning Walk

I cannot sleep late anymore.  Instead of turning on the television or checking emails if we are away, I head out for a walk.  I enjoy walking alone so I leave my husband snoring! Ha! I like to just look around and find some new places to check out together later.  I try not to put my headphones on and just take in my surroundings.


3.  Massage

I never get massages and LOVE them!  I find if I get them now, my mind is racing and I am trying to rush right back home.  Being away helps me to relax while getting a massage.   I try to find a Groupon for one close by to where we are staying to save a couple of bucks!  I have never tried a couple’s massage, but it is on my list of things to try in the future!


4.  Send a Postcard

I try to send a postcard to our home each time we go some place overnight (with or without the kids.)  A lot of times we are home already when the postcard arrives!  We still get so excited to see it and remember the time we had!


5.  No Phone Zone

This is so hard for us to do but putting phones away for a while helps a ton!  I can really connect and relax if I stop checking in every five minutes!  Do it!  Even for an hour.


6.   Visit a Hair Salon

I love when other people blow dry and style my hair.  I usually wear my hair in a bun…  It is so nice when someone else can make my hair look beautiful!  I am not very good at it and actually just hate styling it!  I call a few salons in advance and ask around for prices.  If you go with your hair already washed, it is usually significantly less in price.  I feel a bit more beautiful and put together when we go to dinner or whatever event we are attending.  It actually saves time for me because then I just get dressed and go.



7.  Take a Photo

Ask someone to take a photo of you and your significant other!  We ALWAYS take pictures of the kids or scenic photos.  We ALWAYS forget to take photos of just the two of us.  I try to make a point of asking someone to take our picture when we are away or on a date!

Make your next getaway great

8. Relax

When do you REALLY get to relax!?  Even when you are traveling it is hard to relax.  Take some time to just relax.  Many hotels have hot tubs, adult only pools, or just the tub in your hotel room!  Take some time to close your eyes and just relax your mind!  I like to pour a glass of wine and do this too!


9.  Bring a favorite wine or dessert or BOTH!

Wine can be expensive when ordering a bottle from a hotel.  I like to bring our favorite red wine with us so we can share a glass or two without having to go out to find a store or spend a ton at the hotel.

If you are not into wine then pack your favorite dessert!  Having a delicious dessert with you makes it so much easier.  I brought a chocolate cake on our overnight Valentine night one year.  Yes a whole cake!!  If you like wine AND dessert then bring both!  It ends up being cheaper and fun that you have everything with you!


10.  Play Games

I am always playing some sort of game with the kids.  It is fun, but I miss the adult games we used to play.  When we get away now I either bring a game with us or we find some games to play.  Some of our favorites are Yahtzee, Uno, card games, and Scrabble.  We recently played ping pong at a hotel and had a blast.  We laughed for hours!  It feels good to laugh and get competitive!!


Get that overnight bag packed and go enjoy yourself and each other!



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