Laugh Out Loud With What’s Making Walter C. Laugh?

Laugh out Loud


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I love meeting authors on social media!  It is such a fun way to chat and get to know about new books for my kids to read!  Ginny Jordan is so passionate about her book. It is inspiring to discuss her writing with her!

You will literally laugh out loud with What’s Making Walter C. Laugh?  From the minute we started the book, my kids were hysterical laughing with the silly phrases and vibrant illustrations.

Use Your Imagination

Throughout the book you are trying to imagine what Walter C. is actually laughing at!  Our favorite page is the giraffe cooking pancakes!  After reading a few pages my kids were throwing out their own ideas.  Is it a dog eating pizza?  Is it a bumble bee swimming in our pool?  Is it a furry monster hiding under my bed?  They could not stop laughing at their own ideas.

When we reached the end of the book, we were so thrilled to see that we were actually asked to add our own imaginative suggestions to what Walter C. was laughing at!  BLANK pages to write and draw on!  How neat!  They quickly got to work on their sketches!


laugh out loud


We have already read this book a dozen times and keep giggling and finding funny things on each page.  It is nice to read and laugh together!  You need that after the stressful moments in life!

I do still wonder– WHAT’S REALLY MAKING WALTER C. LAUGH!!  Check this book out on Amazon if you haven’t already!

Laugh Out Loud



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