How to Survive Cold Season with Kids

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No Way Around It!

Germs!  Germs!  Germs!  I feel like we are surrounded. My kids ALWAYS have stuffy noses, runny noses, and little coughs. The winter can be a long few months for a mom!!  The picture above makes me smile because my kids had such bad stuffy noses, but we made it to the beach to see the snowstorm!  I had my favorite things working for a few days, so they felt a little better!  Mom Success!

Here are my favorite helpers when the germs are setting in!  

My Survival Kit 

Smarty Pants Kids Vitamins and Probiotics– These taste great, are nonGMO, and have a tons of great ingredients!  This is a daily thing for my kids!


Ultrasonic Humidifier (with night light) I like to have a humidifier on in my boys’ rooms to keep the air moist throughout the winter months. I have tried a few and really like this one. 



Klean Kanteen Kids–  Keeping hydrated is key!  When my kids have their own ‘fancy’ kanteen, they drink more. I have one for myself also!  The kids version is small enough to throw in my bag and keeps everything cool without leaks! 

Aquafor  I used to use this for diaper changes but now it is my favorite for everything!!  It is inevitable that there will be chapped noses, lips, and hands. This giant tub is my best friend!!  It heals it all!



Johnson & Johnson Soothing Bath– Clear up those noses!  I love putting a capful of this into the tub!  I feel like it clears my sinuses as I sit there too!  I am obsessed with this one and always buy it for friends!




I wish I could give you a cure all, never get a cold again solution!  At least with these helpers, we can get rid of those cold symptoms and get through the winter months!

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