HELP! How to Survive Last Minute House Guests!

Ready for House Guests


Behind the Scenes

I am admitting something right now!  I am the worst LAST MINUTE person ever!  I love planning things and knowing what is on the agenda to be prepared!  I love having parties and entertaining, but I have trouble even surviving last minute guests!  My husband LOVES to tell me that someone is dropping by.  WHAT???  Are they staying for dinner?  Do they have children with them?  Are they staying over?  AHHHHH!

After having children, I have tried to become more ‘go with the flow’ because we do tend to have guests that I have not been able to plan in advance for.  I like to have my cheat sheet all set allowing me to focus on my kids at the same time as entertaining.  In my mind, I am still freaking out, but having these items in the house makes my outward appearance seem calm!  It is all about being prepared for the unexpected now!

Here are my survival items that I always have in the house!


1.  Air Mattress with Sheet Set

This is a game changer!  The air mattress must have an easy to use electric pump!  In two minutes you can just plug it in and have an extra bed all set up.  This is great to put up for kids of your guests too!  I always leave a set of sheets in the air mattress box or carry bag so there is no fear that I do not have clean sheets!  No worries for a comfortable night of sleep!

We have this air mattress and it is great.  Intex Comfort Plus Elevated Queen

2.  Wine

Two bottles of wine are always hidden wayyyy in the back of our wine closet.  A white and a red.  These bottles are the guest bottles that are ready to pop if we have those last minute guests.  Having two eases my mind because I feel even more prepared by offering a choice!  These are the two hidden in our closet right now!

Red- Menage a Trois



White- Black Oak Chardonnay

3. Cute Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are always good conversation starters!  They add a little fun to a party.  I have themed glasses for seasons, colored plastic ones for summer, and glasses that have laughable sayings on them.

4.  Plastic Colored Serving Bowls

We have a lot of company in the summer, so it is nice to have plastic bowls to throw some snacks in and place outdoors.  The colors and designs of outdoor snack bowls brings some cute décor to an impromptu get together!  I try to always have a bag of chips and salsa in the house!

5. Part 1 Water Balloons

For Summer Fun!  I know this sounds funny, but water balloons are always a hit with kids!  We do live near the beach, but some kids are scared of going in the water!  To have a backup plan, water balloons to the rescue!!  Kids love them and actually so do adults!  Ha!

5. Part 2 Glow Sticks

For Winter Fun! Glow sticks and bracelets keep kids entertained for hours.  All of a sudden they are dancing, laughing, hiding to make them glow more…  They are a fun thing to pull out for guest!


6.  Diffuser with a Few Oils

My diffuser is such a life saver!  I throw in a few beautiful scents, turn it on, and boom the house is better already!  Not only does the house smell nice, it appears more together with the smells. People chat about the smells.  I also place it outside with citronella oil to keep away the bugs.

7.  Frozen Cooked Meatballs and Slow Cooker

You could make meatballs in advance and freeze or just buy frozen meatballs like I do!  Lazy at times!  They are fabulous to have because you can secretly run to the kitchen and throw them in the slow cooker with some honey, garlic, soy sauce, ketchup, and whatever else you want.  Turn it on high and in two hours or so you will have a perfect put together appetizer!  You do not have to stop what you are doing for long to cook something delicious!

8.  Burt’s Bees Lip Shine

Having this shine on my lips makes me feel and look a little more awake!  It is not too much color, but gives me a little pick me up by keeping moisture on my lips!  I just love it.  I throw this on even with sweatpants and feel a little but more like a put together mom!!

9. Decorative Jar of Toiletries

Whenever we travel, I take the extra shampoos and conditioners.  My family laughs at me but then they saw my overflowing jar!  I fill a nice glass jar with the hotel soaps, lotions, travel size toiletries, tissue packets etc.   I can easily take this out if guests are coming, and they have a choice of a great amount of items!  All set!

10.  Box of Chocolates

Chocolates are a crowd pleaser for adults and kids!  I keep a box of chocolates in the pantry for guests or fun nights.  I love sampler packs because everyone gets a taste of their favorites!

 BONUS:  Fresh Flowers

If you can snag some fresh flowers from your garden or store quickly, fresh flowers always make the house look SO much better!  The smells and colors brighten up any room!

I am still working on being better about last minute guests, but these items help me along the way! I know I am a little nuts but being somewhat prepared has helped my anxiety when the doorbell rings!  Having my own kids doesn’t allow me to be the best hostess because I am focused on other things.  These items are my cheat sheet!   Stop by anytime and I will be ready for you! Maybe call first though!!!!!

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