How to Help Kids Cope with Big Emotions

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You never know when big emotions are going to creep up inside of you and change your day!

My kids have a pretty good bedtime routine here.  It has been working and most times the boys sleep in their own beds without a problem.  I noticed the past two weeks or so there has been talk of monsters…  then shadows on the wall… then noises from the wind…  This was definitely a pattern, and I could see we needed to make it better before it became a problem.

I love reading books to tackle issues and emotions.  I always feel that you can have a relaxed conversation about the characters, and then turn it into a real life conversation.  Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson is a great story to discuss those scared feelings.  Bear feels scared and tries to calm himself down.  His friends work together to help him.  I found the character was great because bears are strong and BIG, yet he was anxious himself.  It was good to discuss how everyone can be scared and nervous.

After we read the book, we created a spray together.  The kids decided to call it the ‘Scary Spray.’  We added water and a few drops of essential oils.  (lavender, lemon, and peppermint)  Each night we get ready for bed, and they each spray the ‘Scary Spray’ in their room, under their beds, or near a closet.  It has really helped with confidence and taking charge of their own scary feelings!

Often times, my son Danny gets overwhelmed when we first walk into parties, holidays, or new situations.  I thought about using the spray to approach situations like this as well.  We started spraying it in the car right before we walk into a place that may be overwhelming.  Danny asked me if I can keep it in my purse in case we need it.    I have been and also told him that once we spray it, it stays on us so it keeps us strong for hours!

I think the biggest thing that has worked for dealing with big emotions has been the open conversation.  It has been great for us to be honest and work through the emotions together!


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