Fall Family Bucket List Without Spending Much Money!

fall family bucket list


quote the smile lines

This quote has been with me lately.  It is so easy to spend money on STUFF every day!  Food, snacks, games, books, clothes, you name it!  It is so important to take a deep breath and spend time together because that is what you really remember!  Some of my fondest memories are sitting around the table playing Uno while laughing and drinking iced tea.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing expensive about that moment.  I loved it because my parents were completely with us.  Totally present!  Those are the moments that warm your heart forever.

Having a list of ideas for the season is a great way to get motivated, as a family, for activities that you hope to do TOGETHER!  This keeps us in check a bit.  It makes us stop to remember how important it is to have those no frill yet super important moments together.  I hope you can spend as much time as you can together!


Fall Fmaily Bucket List



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