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Bring On the Fun!

Myra Makes is a great problem solving activity book suggested for ages 6 and up!  The first thing I noticed, when receiving the book, are the vibrant colors that makes you want to dive right in!  Each page takes you on an adventure with Myra trying to make her way to Cloud City.  There are a ton of  different activity which allows you to complete the book in whatever order you would like.  Danny, 6, loved choosing which adventures he would do first.  This made him feel like he was really in charge with Myra!


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The variety of activities is wonderful!  There are pages that ask you to color, draw, and cut.  Before you know it, you are solving a word puzzle or maze.  Reading passages with critical thinking questions is a great way to incorporate the reading skills that my son has been practicing in school.  We worked hard on math problem solving skills throughout the book!  There are many open ended pages allowing for further activities to be done on your own!  I found Danny building jungles, bridges, and other parts of the book with boxes, legos, and pipe cleaners to continue the Cloud City journey on his own!  There are endless possibilities with Myra Makes.


The critical thinking and problem solving, in Myra Makes,  pushes children’s thinking to a higher level.  Many pages encourage big discussions when determining the best answer.  Often there is no ‘right’ answer to the pages which is even more fun!  We could all discuss why we thought our response would work and the pros/cons.  This helps with real life scenarios as well!


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There’s More!

One of the most exciting parts is the last page!  You receive access to 3 months free at Myra Makes monthly!  There are monthly activities sent to your door EVERY month free!  Woohoo!  We just love this added bonus!

If your child loves thinking, exploring, playing, meeting new characters, and endless adventures THEN Myra Makes is for you!  Enjoy!


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