Children’s Book, Koala Lou, Including Three Activities

Koala Lou Painting with Corks and Olympics Fun, the smile lines


Mem Fox does such an amazing job in her writing.  I cannot help but come back to Koala Lou over and over again.  I will be sharing the children’s book Koala Lou with three activities and extensions that you can use in the future.  I find myself constantly saying,  ‘Koala Lou, I do love you’!


Activity One– Cork Art

Before I put out paint, pencils, and corks I asked a few questions.

What was your favorite part of the Koala Lou story?

Close your eyes and try to imagine what you see in that part of the story? 

Using the corks, pencils  and the paint, create a painting of your favorite part of the story. 

I asked Danny to tell me the one juicy sentence that explained his project.

*You could do a small version of this cork art like we did or make a sketch of a large tree and do a class art project.


children's book koala lou activities,

children' book kaola lou activities,


Activity Two– Medal

Create a medal for Koala Lou’s achievements in the Busch Olympics.

It is very important to practice hard and do your best.  You are not always going to be the best at everything or win first place.  It is important that you are doing your best and are a good participant by being kind, working hard, and playing fair.  Koala Lou did just that.  Her mom was very proud of her for all of those things. 

Create a medal for Koala Lou on being a great teammate.  Suggested Items :

Create your medal.  I wrote what my children wanted their medals to say, but others could do that themselves.


Activity Three– Olympics Celebration

We talked about the Olympics and the different sports that the animals participated in.

What sports or activities would you put in (your last name or class name) Olympics?

Let’s pick three activities that we would put into our Olympics. 

Koala Lou practiced very hard for her Bush Olympics.  It is important for us to do some practicing.

I had no idea what ideas the kids would come up with and was kind of nervous.  I did discuss that they had to be activities that we could do without getting hurt.  They chose some funny activities.  We decided on jumping in place twenty times, crab crawling down the hallway and back, and finally dribbling a ball for as long as you can.  Nothing too crazy!  They stretched and did some ‘push ups’ to get ready!  They started their events!

Finally, I placed the medals they had created on them as they finished their Olympic events.  They loved it!

childre's book koala lou activities,

Extension Ideas:

  • Research a real koala and its habitat
  • Create a card to thank Koala Lou’s mom thanking her for her love
  • Talk about Koala Klaws and his influence in the book
  • Research an emu and its habitat

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