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We have been reading Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina for a few months, and the kids really enjoy it.  They laugh at the monkeys every time we read it!  Below you will find Caps for Sale activities to easily use with your children.

Dress Up

My son had a “Dress Like a Character Day” at school recently.  He was thrilled to be able to choose one of his favorite characters.  He loves the book Caps for Sale and quickly decided to dress like the peddler.  This is an easy and adorable costume (which I was thrilled about).  It was basically everything we had in the house.


  • White shirt
  • Black pants or whatever pants you have
  • Piece of cloth with a safety pin in the middle for a bow tie
  • A bunch of baseball caps
  • Paper with a stick on the bottom for a 50 cents a cap sign
  • a toy monkey
  • drawn on mustache–my son decided against this

This was such a fun and easy costume!  One thing that Danny was concerned about was the colors of the hats.  He noticed that there was a pattern of the peddler’s hats, and he did not have that pattern.  I assured him it was fine because these were the caps we had at home, but I knew our next activity would involve patterns!, caps for sale activites


After his costume day, we revisited Caps For Sale taking note of the hat patterns.  I planned an activity for after the reading together.

  • Place three dishes or containers with items/toys you have.  We used Stackadoos, Pom Poms, and Snapo.
  • Talk patterns together BEFORE they start creating.  If you chose one of these plates what do you think you would do to create a pattern?  What would your plan be?
  • Choose one plate and create a pattern with those items.
  • When you completed your pattern choose another plate and create a pattern.
  • Share your patterns aloud.
  • Now, create a pattern with something wrong in it.  Share and discuss why this pattern is ‘broken’ and how you can fix it to complete the pattern., caps for sale activities


  • Use the items on all three plates to complete one pattern.  Take note that the items can be different but a pattern can form.  Can you make a color pattern with various items?  Can you create a shape pattern?  A size pattern?  A texture pattern?

caps for sale activities,


Extension Ideas

  • Look for patterns throughout your day.
  • Math Activity:  Pretend people were buying the hats.  Figure out how much money the peddler would make if 5 people bought a hat?  Change the number.
  • Create monkey faces with paper plates.
  • Create monkey puppets with brown paper bags.


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