Behind The Smile Lines

Behine the smile lines


Who Am I?

Hey!  Thanks for joining me!  My name is Lauren.  I am an elementary school teacher stay at home mom.

I have been married for nine years and adore my two boys.  I love being home with my children but do miss the classroom.  Having children allows for many teaching and learning opportunities!  I incorporate my teaching techniques and love for reading into our daily activities.

 Why The Smile Lines?

The Smile Lines is an education/mom blog, where I share hands-on learning activities and literary ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged children.   Blogging allows me to incorporate my creative teaching style with my creative mom style.  I enjoy sharing ideas on making motherhood fun and a little easier!


The mission of the Smile Lines is to make parents and teachers lives easier by providing tools for a strong childhood education and ideas for family fun!

The Smile Lines is primarily education based, but you will see the Mom Corner.  This is a place where I share my thoughts, experiences, and moments in time.  I will share more about me in the Mom Corner and sometimes go on and on!  I have a bad habit of doing that!

Fun Facts About Me

I often think I am on a secret reality show because random things happen to me!  VERY random!!  I got hit by a ceiling fan once as I was standing in a restaurant.  It literally fell off the ceiling onto my face!  I am ok, but it was  NUTS!! That is just an example of my reality show life!!

I am obsessed with the beach.  I love the smell of the air, sun in my face, sand in my beach bag!  Haha!  Everything about it!  I love chilly September days on the beach in sweatpants and socks!

I started dating my husband when I was 16 years old in JAPAN!  The funnier part is that we were on a school trip and actually lived two miles away from each other!  You never know!!

I love watching sad shows.  Crying, ugly tears, awful storylines…  Those are my favorites!


I am excited to have you here and hope to share many learning experiences together!

 I hope you are ready to join the journey with me! Sign up below to share in the smiles!



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