Baby Monkey, Private Eye Review


Baby Monkey, Private Eye

We are in a phase of, ‘Is this a chapter book?? I want a chapter book!’ My kids are 4 and almost 6 and think that chapter books are the COOLEST thing ever.   This is a perfect book for their age because it IS a chapter book, but it is a quick read with very age appropriate vocabulary.

Who doesn’t love a baby monkey who solves cases?!? Baby Monkey, Private Eye attracted my kids immediately with the giant text!  The story is broken into the chapters with each case he tries to solve. Baby Monkey always starts with the same steps which helps in repetitive text for my beginning reader. My children thought the private eye monkey was so silly every time he tried to put his pants on and had some issues with the situation! The ending is sweet and made us want to hug Baby Monkey!


Brian Selznick


I definitely recommend this book to kids who like silly books and solving cases! I really enjoyed the sketch like illustrations with tons of detail and very little color.  An added bonus are the last few pages.  You will find a description of the history behind each illustration.  It is pretty neat to go back to look at each detail!

Thank you to the kidlitexchange for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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