5 Can’t Miss Beach Toys

5 Can't MIss Beach Toys that Kids will Love, the smile lines

Beach Days

The beach is our second home in the Summer!  On a good day we are at the beach before 10:00am.  I love the mornings on the beach.  It is peaceful and calm.  We get our favorite sea and sand toys all set up for countless hours of fun!


1. Melissa and Doug Sand Cupcake Set.  Create cupcake creations to ‘sell’ or gobble up on the beach.

2. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Sand Ice Cream Set.  Scoop some ice cream, put them on cones, and add the sprinkles!


3. Yookat Mesh XL Tote Beach Bag.  This is easy to carry and light.  It fits a ton of your sandy toys and allows for all of the sand to fall right out of the mesh as you walk.

4. Drybranch Wooden Sand Shovels.  Shovels in general are great on the beach but these are perfect because of the long handle.  They are easy to maneuver and adults can actually stand when helping dig those tunnels.

5. Fubble No Spill Bubble Bucket.  No tears with these bubbles because there are no spills!  The wind will carry the bubbles for miles! No mess!


Enjoy the beach!

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  1. Chelsey | 4th May 17

    Ahh I love that you’ve made this list! We also live at the envah during summer and I’m always looking for great toys to bring!!

    I love your blog!

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