Real Words for New Moms

10 things every exhausted mama needs to hear


I was an emotional WRECK after having my first baby!  Tears were always welling up in my eyes.  I felt like everyone was judging me if the baby cried!  I could not even hear what people were saying!  ‘GET IT TOGETHER!’ That is what rang in my own mind.

I pretended like I was fine but knew that my close friends could see right through me!  People offered to help with the baby, but I always made an excuse.  I didn’t want anyone to know that I felt like I was falling apart at times!  I was embarrassed that our apartment was a mess, I looked exhausted, and I never had any food ready to give guests…  I didn’t realize how silly it was to stress about people offering to HELP me!

Here are ten things I wish I could have said to myself during those first few weeks at home with my new baby boy.


  • Cry.  It does not matter who sees you.  Who hears you.  Just let it out.  It is good for the baby and for you to let it out!

  • Sleep.  Leave the dishes, phone, laundry… and sleep!  Your whole world changes if you get some sleep!

  • You are doing an amazing job!  You are feeding, rocking, holding, and most importantly loving this baby!  You are amazing!

  • This time goes so fast!  I promise you! Right now it seems like every minute is so long.  Try to get through an hour.  One hour at a time. Look at the hours and say, ‘We did it!’  Before you know it, the day will be done!

  • Get out of the house!  You can do it.  Put the baby in the stroller or car and get moving.  Take a breath out of the house!  Seeing different surroundings is a great way to clear your mind a bit!

  • Shower and change your clothes!  Even if you put sweatpants back on.  Showering is an amazing feeling!

  • Ask for help!  Call a friend and say yes to all of the times they offered to do your laundry!  Having clean and folded clothes done for you is a wonderful moment!

  • Ask the pediatrician!  Do not think your question or concern is silly.  Ask everything you need to.  You will be a better mom for asking and being aware of what is on your mind!  The doctors have heard it all!!

  • Everyone will give you advice.  Just listen and take in what feels right.  You make the decisions!  You do what is right for your baby!  You are a great mama!

  • Take a little MAMA time.  Ask someone to come and watch the baby for a little while.  Do not use that time to clean!  Use it for YOU!  Go get a manicure, a coffee, shop, go to yoga…

When I had my second baby, I was actually very happy that I had written in a new mom journal. I was able to see just how emotional and exhausted I had been!  It is a journey!  It was definitely easier for me the second time around, but the emotions and changes are still strong!

If you have a friend who is a new mama call her, send her a card, or send over dinner!   Just know that she might need time to say yes to needing the help you want to give!

Good job to all the new MAMAS!  You got this!

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